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05.12.2014 - Affordable Care Act

Look Back Periods, Stability Periods, Tracking Employee Hours, and Reporting are all new issues we recognize that you must handle in today's environment. Arc Technologies is committed to helping you address each of those areas within Eight.

Track Hours - establish a data base to capture and track Actual Paid Hours, Paid Not Working Hours, Unpaid Leave - Eligible, and Unpaid Leave - Ineligible hours.

Track Employee Status - Full Time, Variable Hour, Part Time, and Seasonal.

Track Eligibility and Enrollment - Notify appropriate User in Eight, when an employee becomes eligible, documenting the acceptance or decline of coverage.

Reporting - workforce management reporting to enable manager's access to the key data necessary for workforce planning purposes. As well, we will provide the additional reporting necessary for the IRS under Section 6056.

Posted on 5/12/2014

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